Rajesh Tomjoe @rajeshsaravanan

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from Chennai (Madras), India,


ServicePanda - Local Service Appointment Booking System

ServicePanda is city based local service appointment booking system like urbanclap

Flickr Feeder

PHP script to display flickr public feed based on user ID.

Ajax credit card payment validation

PHP script to validate credit card details using ajax.

Realtime email address verification and validation tool

A handy PHP tool to verify and validate email address in real time via bulk upload or API service to keep clean email list.

FeedCooker - Email Marketing Tool

Feedcooker is self hosted email marketing tool with 100x cheaper via Amazon SES

JQuery plugin to convert html table to CSV or XLS

JQuery plugin to convert HTML table data to csv or xls format

Free AdminBSB - Material Design bootstrap template

AdminBSB - Bootstrap based Material Design is a fully responsive and free admin template.

Free Facebook Video Downloader Script

Small script used to download the shared videos on facebook.