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Horizontal navigation menus

by good now good now

Another thing that developers use lists for is horizontal navigation menus

Files included: .html, .css

Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Tags: html list


Last updated: 15 Oct 2018

School Management System

by Ravindragiri Goswami Ravindragiri Goswami

School Management System - MEAN STACK MVC, Node.js Express.js

Files included: Javascript .js

Database: MongoDB 3.x

HTML/CSS Framework: Bootstrap

Javascript Framework: jQuery, Node.js, Angular JS

Package Manager: npm

Browser Compatibility: IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Tags: school , node.js , mvc , express.js , nodejs , mvc , expressjs , angular , mongodb , mean stack


Last updated: 10 Oct 2018