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– Load multiple quizs on the same page:

Quiz 1 : Free exam, support quiz’s timer, load all questions per page

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Your name:
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Exam's name: PHP Basic Test 2
Exam's fee:
Duration: 100 minutes
Started date: 2016-11-30
End date: 2016-12-10
Number of questions: 5
Total marks: 5
Passing score: 10 %


Quiz 2- Paid exam by Paypal (SANDBOX PAYPAL ACCOUNT – FOR TESTING), load each question per page

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Your name:
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Exam's name: php test 3
Exam's fee: 10 $
Duration: 20 minutes
Started date: 2016-12-18
End date: 2016-12-18
Number of questions: 3
Total marks: 4
Passing score: 10 %


Vina WordPress Quiz

New: Vina WordPress Quiz v2.0 is relased at the 05 February,2017. Currently, Vina WordPress Quiz’s price is not changed. You can buy it now (save your money).

Any question,comment, feedback about this plugin or anyone who want to add some features, customize can contact me via my email:

You can buy it on at

or buy it on :

If you don’t want a WordPress Quiz plugin,just need a website for creating and managing online exams, quiz you can buy “Vina Online Exam System” at

Version 2.0 (is relased at the 05 February,2017.): add some more features:

+ Load multiple exams (quiz) per page.

+ Supports open answer question (user answer a question by fill content into a textbox).

+ Supports order question (user drag and drop an drag answers of question up and down to create correct order of answers, in above example demo is question “Order the four oceans in size, with the largest first.”, do this by click mouse on answer, drag up and down and drop on the order you think is right.)

+ Answers can be images. (Answers are images instead of text)

+ Supports negative mark (penalty mark) for each question. If user choose wrong answers for a question, instead of get zero mark, their marks will be subtract by penalty mark.

+ Supports button “Back” allows user return previous question. Support button “Skip” allows user not complete current question and go to next question. Supports navigate to any questions user want by click on button “question number” 1 | 2 |3 |4….

+ Support many configuration, settings:

Admin can choose what kind of email account (for sending email) : use Google email account or web hosting email account.
Admin can choose what kind of Paypal account (for Paid exams) by choose “Paypal sandbox account” or “live Payapal account”.
Admin can configures many options for an exam:
+Alllow send exam’s result via user’s email or not

+Alllow download exam’s certificate or not.

+Alllow view correct answers of each question after finish exam or not.

+ Allow share exam via social networks like Facebook, Twitter.. or not.

+ Allow random questions’s order and answers’s order.

+ Allow load all questions per page or only load 1 question per page (load some questions belong to a group per page features will be in next Vina WordPress Quiz version,not support in this release)

” Allow comment on each question, password before take exam, captcha , feedback form after finish exam is not support in this release,will be in next Vina WordPress Quiz version”

+ Basic exam’s statistic.


Version: 1.0

Created date: 01-Sep-2016

Latest updated date: 22-Nov-2016

Author : hungnguyen

Vina WordPress Quiz

What is “Vina WordPress Quiz” ?

– Vina WordPress Quiz is a WordPress plugin support creating and taking online quiz on website using WordPress.

– It uses Twitter bootstrap v3.x for enhancing GUI and supporting responsive design and JQuery AJAX to interact with backend.

– Candidate can take free or paid online quiz for practising or revising knowledge.

– After finish exams,they can view results, even corrects answers and share their best results with friends on Facebooks,Twitter, Google Plus… Moreover, they can download certificates.

Main features

– Support unlimited questions and answers

– Support 5 types of question:

+ One answer (single choice) question

+ Multiple answers (multiple choices) question

+ True/False question

+ Fill in the blank question

+ Match question

– Support displaying picture, audio, video in question

– Free and paid exam (paid exam via Paypal)

– Support view exam’s result in website.

– Share exam’s result via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest

– Download exam’s certificate of website (PDF format)

– Support responsive design

– Support rich features for administrator.They are:

+ Categories management (supports multiple-level categories)

+ Question management (supports 5 types of question with picture, audio, video for each question)

+ Exams management (admin can create, update, delete an exam, choose questions for exam)

Run front end:

Back end:

User : hungnt

Pass: Hung@2412842083

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install WordPress on your host
+ For example: after install WordPress 4.5.3 on my host, i have URL like this: (front end) (back end)
Step 2: Create a database on your host, for example create a database named “wordpress”.
Step 3: Run (back end), log in as administrator and start upload Vina WordPress Quiz plugin by choosing : Plugins -> Add new + Browse to Vina WordPress Quiz plugin “” and click Install +
Step 4: After plugin has been installed successfully, then you must activate plugin by clicking on link “Activate Plugin” + After activate plugin, you will see Vina Quiz menu on the left, hover on it, you will see all sub menu (all feautures) of Vina WordPress Quiz plugin: Congratulation! Now you can use Vina WordPress Quiz plugin.


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Question or Comment

    • Ahmed Farouk
      Ahmed Farouk 1 year ago

      Hi ,

      1.Is there button option to save quiz and come back later to contain the quiz .
      2.Is there Multi language option like Arabic .
      3.Is it support Right to left direction /Left to Right Direction .
      4.can the result include all category user answer as a package. or one category only.
      5.can you set a date for quiz after that quiz exipre .
      6.can you set login in required to start quiz.
      7.can we ask to add or edit some option in the future as a custom work ,what is the cost for that .

    • hungnguyenvina
      hungnguyenvina 1 year ago

      1.Give me detail what you want, "contain the quiz" ??? I don't understand
      2. No (Just support multi languages on Vina Online Exam System)
      3. No
      4. Give me example, don't understand what you say
      5. Yes, admin can always set date for quiz
      6. In this wordpress plugin, I have an option for quiz is "set password to take quiz", admin can create a password , users who know password can take quiz
      7. the cost is depend on what features you want
      Thanks for questions !