Vina Elearning Management System

VINA Elearning Management System ( VLMS) is a web script which was written by Hung Nguyen, using Laravel framework and MySQL.

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VINA Elearning Management System

What is "Vina Elearning Management System" or VLMS?

  • VLMS is a web script which was written by Hung Nguyen, using Laravel framework and MySQL.
  • It uses Twitter bootstrap v3.x for enhancing GUI and supporting responsive design and JQuery AJAX to interact with backend.
  • The main purpose of this script is for creating, taking online quizzes and courses.
  • Users all over the world can take free and paid quizzes, online
    courses to get some certificates and improve their knowledge with free
  • Instructor can create great online courses, share knowledge and help learners all over the world get some knowledge.
  • Admin can create free and paid quizzes, approve/reject instructor’s courses, manage users , instructors, quizzes, courses…


  • Support unlimited questions and answers
  • Support 7 types of question:
    • One answer (single choice) question
    • Multiple answer (multiple choices) question
    • True/False question
    • Fill in the blank question
    • Match question
    • Open question
    • Image as answers (single and multiple answers choices using image)
  • Support multiple displays of the quizzes:
    • Quizzes display only one question at a time (users click next to go to the next question)
    • Quizzes display all questions and answers at a time (will be supported in the next version of VLMS)
    • Quizzes display a group of questions at a time (think about TOEIC,
      TOEFL, IELT format,for example TOEIC quiz has seven parts, each part(a
      group of question) has some questions and at a time we will display only
      a part(a group of question)   -> will be supported in the next
      version of VLMS.)
    • Free and paid quizzes, courses (paid via Paypal, Stripe)
  • Support view quiz’s result in website and via Email
  • Share quiz’s result via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest (will be supported in the next version)
  • Download quiz's certificate of website in PDF format (will be supported in the next version)
  • Support multilingual (will be supported in next versions)
  • Support responsive design
  • Support rich features for administrator, They are:
    • Users/Instructors management (creates, insert, update, delete, login)
    • Course’s categories management (supports multiple-level categories)
    • Question’s categories management (supports multiple-level categories)
    • Question management (supports 7 types of question with supporting picture, audio, and video for questions)
    • Quizzes management (only admin can view, create, update, delete free and paid quizzes).
    • Courses management (only instructors can create, updates, delete
      courses, submit courses to administrator for approving/rejecting them)
    • Admin can view, approve/reject and delete courses.


  • Laravel 5.4
  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL 


Step 1: After purchased you will get VLMS source code
(.zip file). Upload VLMS script (.zip file) to your host, inside
public_html folder or something else. (Any hosting provider support PHP,
in my case I’m using hosting service of

Step 2: Extract this .zip file to public_html folder

Step 3: After extract you will see a “public” folder, move all
files and folders in this “public” folder to folder “public_html”
(public folder is inside in public_html folder, now all files and
folders in public folder will not be in “pubic” folder anymore, these
files and folders will be in “public_html” folder).

Step 4: In your hosting CPANEL, open phpMyAdmin to configure database for VLMS

Create a new database (any name you want, in my case is hungnguy_laravel_vlms)

Open laravel_vlms.sql inside database folder (database folder is
inside my source code file, now database folder is inside
public_html folder on your host), copy all content in this file, choose
your new database, tab “SQL” and paste in it

Click “Go” to run query for creating all needed tables for VLMS web.

Open .env file inside public_html folder and edit your MySQL connection configuration:

Now access your domain, will access VLMS web.


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