Realtime email address verification and validation tool

A handy PHP tool to verify and validate email address in real time via bulk upload or API service to keep clean email list.

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A self hosted real-time email address verification and validation tool to keep clean email list.

Emails verification process has following steps:

  1. Email deduplication - Domains that match our existing database of invalid emails are removed
  2. Domain validation - DNS entries for every email address are checked and validated
  3. Spam-trap removal - Spam-traps emails are detected and removed
  4. Disposable email removal - Disposable or temporary emails are detected and removed
  5. Email Syntax verification - Email address syntax is verified
  6. Mail Transfer Agent(MTA) validation - Checks if a Mail-Transfer-Agent has a valid MX Record

Tool offers several ways to verify email address via bulk CSV upload or API or single email verification.


After purchase extract the zip file and it has installation folder and inside this you can see index.html . it has installation and requirement detail instructions. If you have a doubt please feel free to contact me via:


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Question or Comment

    • Masud
      Masud 9 months ago

      I want to Verify my 10 Million Email Address So that when I can send to Bulk without

      Spam and bounce rate, help me ?

    • Rajesh Tomjoe
      Rajesh Tomjoe 9 months ago

      Its based on your server capacity and our benchmark to 100 per minutes and in a day you can do it around 1.5 lakhs email ids 1 cpu and 4GB RAM.