PHP Directy CMF

Cross-platform content management MVC PHP based framework for publishing web content. This is a multi-purpose web application.

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ApPHP Directy CMF is an open-source content management framework (CMF),
built on ApPHP MVC Framework that provides a basic functionality
required for creating websites and publishing web content. Directy is an
acronym for the common phrase of our programmers: "Direct? Yes!".

The Directy CMF makes it easier for developers to add CMS
functionality to applications built with the ApPHP MVC framework. Key
development principles for the provided set of bundles are modularity,
usability, documentation and intuitive coding.

This framework is intended to be easily customizable, in terms of
both the types of content used and the policies and services it
provides. It allows to you extend the functionality of the base
application with writing your own independent modules.


  1. 100% Open-Source
  2. MVC architecture pattern
  3. PDO support
  4. Active Record (AR) pattern support
  5. Flexible routing based on configuration files
  6. Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle
  7. Clean Separation of Concern (SOC) principle
  8. Multi-Browser support
  9. Multi-Database support
  10. Multi-Language support
  11. Multi-Currency support
  12. Administrators Management
  13. Ban Lists
  14. Roles & Privileges
  15. Payment Providers Management
  16. Vocabulary Management
  17. Fast performance
  18. Simple and readable code for developers
  19. URL Routing (Clean URLS)
  20. SEO-friendly URLs like /category/edit/1/
  21. User-friendly debug mode
  22. Modules management and installation
  23. Search by modules or categories
  24. Setup module
  25. Mailing Log
  26. Social Networks and Social Login management
  27. Layouts support


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