myPoS - PHP Point Of Sale Application

myPoS an easy to use point of sale application and yet give you full control and manage of your business

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myPoS is an easy to use Point of Sale application yet
allow you full control and manage of your store, packed with tons of
features like sales, purchases, customers, invoices, take payments and
much more.

Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales
information from anywhere anytime. Whether you are running a small
business or a big enterprise, myPoS is the solution you need for
managing your business


  • Sale Chart,Latest Sales, Purchase, Return, Payment
  • Top best selling product monthly
  • Top Seller Monthly
  • Parked Sales
  • Open Registers


  • Product Category
  • Add, edit, delete & view products
  • Add product tax with inclusive and exclusive method


  • User oriented design
  • Suspend sales, print order & bill
  • Create Customer instantly
  • Create Customer groups
  • Accept multiple payments
  • Sales, add, edit, delete & view sales
  • Return Sales

Quantity Adjustment

  • Adjust quantity very easily
  • Add, edit, delete & view adjustments


  • Add, edit, delete & view users, assign roles
  • Add, edit, delete & view customers, suppliers


  • product report
  • Product quantity & expiry alerts
  • Sale report
  • Purchase report
  • Payment report
  • Registers report


  • Edit Logo, Site title
  • Change POS settings
  • Edit user profile, change password
  • Create roles for users
  • Add, edit, delete & view customer groups
  • Add, edit, delete & view warehouses
  • Add, edit, delete & view Tax rates
  • Add, edit, delete & view brands


  • Multilingual (English, Arabic, More will be added soon)
  • Export table contents to PDF

Live Demo and Login details:

Demo Link: myPoS – Point of Sale, Billing, Stock Management & Invoicing

Admin Login

Username: administrator

Password: administrator

Manager Login

Username: manager

Password: manager

Cashier Login

Username : cashier

Password: cashier


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