MicroJoule - Tools for MicroPython

A collection of tools for interacting with microcontrollers running micropython. Web Servers/Clients Loading uPy FW to ESP8266

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This repo is a collection of tools that allow easy interaction with micropython.
The repo was specifically designed to work with the ESP8266, but can be generalized.

Helpful tools include:

  1. Create web servers/clients.
  2. Easily connect your ESP8266 to available wifi networks (Follows the Chromecast workflow.)
  3. Easily view/change GPIO pins from web page.
  4. Minify and upload code to uController. (Requires "pyminifier" available via "pip install pyminifier")
  5. Easily upload FW to ESP8266 (Requires "esptool" available via "pip install esptool")


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