Magento DEA Blocker

Advanced Disposable Email Address Blocker extension for Magento 1

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Advanced Disposable Email Filter extension will help you to prevent fraud on your website by rejecting disposable email address.

Disposable Email Address (DEA) are usually used for spam, fake registration, free trial abusing, fraud, etc. that can affect your business.

How It Works

The extension provides email domain checking using internal whitelist and blacklist that you can manage in Magento admin.
Integration with third party disposable email checking services also available, namely:

Any blocked domain received from third party services will be automatically added to internal blacklist data, saved you cost from requesting the same domain checking in the future.


  • Copy the folder app to your Magento Directory
  • Fill in the settings in System - Configuration - MOXALABS - Disposable Email Blocker


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