Find Nearby ATM's with Cash

A simple application to find Nearby ATM's with Cash Availability.

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#### Features
* Google Maps like Interface
* Location Autocomplete using Google Places Api
* Support for Geolocation
* Shows total distance in miles from your source location
* Shows route from your source location to ATM, if hovered in left navigation bar
* Responsive Design
* Shows if ATM has Cash, No Cash or its a long queue
* Option to update status of the ATM with notes availability
* Shows last updated date of Cash availability
* Get Directions from your location to the selected ATM

#### Built With
* HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
* Php
* Mysql
* Bootstrap
* jQuery
* Gmaps.js
* Google Maps
* Gulp

#### Whats included
* Integrated with Gulp Task Runner to minify CSS, JavaScript, Html
* Php Script to update the ATM status
* Mysql Database Script which is required for the application

Installation Instructions

After your have downloaded or cloned the application.

#### Prerequisites
* Php > 5.5.*
* Apache or Nginx Server
* Mysql > 5.*
* Node/Npm (to run Gulp Task Runner)

Please follow the following steps for Production

#### Step 1

Go to your root path of the application and type the following in your command line/terminal

npm install -g gulp
npm install

#### Step 2
Change the Mysql Password in **gulpfile.js** in the root folder

#### Step 3
Run the following command in your root folder. This Command will minify your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Replace Production Mysql Password mentioned in the Step 2
gulp build-prod
#### Step 4
The above Step will generate a folder **build** where it contains the files to be deployed to your production

> Note:
> * You should add the Google Maps key in **index.html** file.
> * Geolocation will work in localhost and inorder to make it work in all browsers its mandatory you should buy SSL for your domain.

Version History


Released On: November 20, 2017


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