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E-mail was not made for sending large files and often fails with large attachments. DownloadOnce

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E-mail was not made for sending large files and often fails with large attachments. Instead of sending by e-mail, you may upload files to one-click hosting (like RapidShare). This is OK as long as your file is not confidential, nobody can predict the uploaded file URL and you know when the file was downloaded by your addressee and delete it immediately afterwards. DownloadOnce (this site) is different because the files you upload can only be downloaded once. This significantly reduces the risk that some third party will be able to download your file.

DownloadOnce is not free. You pay 10¢ (€) for every MB of the file you upload. File size is rounded before calculating the price. This means you don't have to pay for files smaller than 500 KB.

Example: Web-designer Bill Jameson needs to send a ZIP archive with all the files of the new design he created to his client. The file size is 15.486 MB. This is most likely too much for the e-mail. And uploading to one-click hosting is not secure enough as the file URL is often predictable and third parties can access it. So he uploads the file to DownloadOnce. The file size of 15.486 MB rounded gives 15 MB. 15MB times 10¢ = 1.50 €. The costs are negligible and Bill will smartly include them into the invoice later anyway. He sends the file link to his client. Once the client has finished downloading the file will be immediately deleted from DownloadOnce.

After uploading (and paying) you will get an unique download link. Send this link to someone so that the file can be downloaded. As soon as the download is started, the file is marked as being downloaded and noone else can download it. Once download is complete the file will be deleted irreversibly from DownloadOnce.

Installation Instructions

1. Upload files to your hosting.
2. Create MySQL database.
3. Set database connection parameters in class/class.Config.php.
4. Create MySQL table to store files from sql/dump.sql.
5. Test


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