Capture Manager SDK Full

Capture Manager SDK Full allows you include into your software solutions easy supporting of working with web cameras.

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Capture Manager SDK Full



Capture Manager SDK Full - new solution for capturing live video and audio from web cameras on Windows OS 

Capture Manager SDK Full allows you include into your software solutions easy supporting of working with web cameras. This SDK is based on Microsoft Media Foundation which is included into the regular Windows OS editions.

Microsoft Media Foundation is new technology of Microsoft which was introduced since Windows Vista, but only since Windows 7 it has got supporting of interfaces for capturing video and audio from web cameras.

Reason to use this SDK

For long time the main technology of capturing video and audio on Windows OS was DirectShow. I wrote many applications which included working with web cameras via DirectShow, but since programming on Windows 8 I found unpleasant fact - old code which worked well on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 had started work with some problems on Windows 8. After some researching I found that Microsoft had introduced Media Foundation and had limited working of DirectShow with the new generation of web cameras. I spent much time on researching of that new thechnology and wrote two simple libraries for capturing live video from web cameras by Microsoft Media Foundation: Capturing Video from Web-camera on Windows 7 and 8 by using Media Foundation and Capturing Live-video from Web-camera on Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, Microsoft Media Foundation is more powerful and allows to build complex solutions for viewing, recording, broadcasting live video and audio from web cameras, but it is difficult technology for understanding of it. I have decided to write simple SDK which can hide the main difficult parts of Microsoft Media Foundation and can present only the most interesting aspects of that technology. Freeware version of this SDK is presented by link Capture Manager SDK.

This commercial version of Capture Manager SDK Full has some unique features:

  • Using encoders which are already embedded into Windows OS;
  • Using Microsoft’s format of video and audio files;
  • Capturing screen image into video file;
  • Capturing speaker audio signals into audio file;
  • Support recording synchronised video and audio from web camera;
  • Support recording synchronised video from many web cameras into the one video file;
  • Support recording synchronised video and audio from many web cameras and screen capture into the one media file;
  • Support steaming live video and audio from many web cameras and screen captute into the local network and the Internet;
  • Easy way for changing of web camera options: brightness, contrast, focus and others;
  • Easy way for changing of encoder settings;

CaptureManager SDK Full has many encoders and media containers. They include video encoder:

  • H264 Hardware Encoder;
  • H264 Microsoft Encoder;
  • HEVC (H265) Encoder;
  • Intel® Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder;
  • WMVideo8 Encoder;
  • WMVideo9 Encoder;
  • WMVideo9 Screen Encoder.

audio encoder:

  • MP3 Encoder ACM Wrapper;
  • Microsoft AAC Audio Encoder;
  • Microsoft Dolby Digital Encoder;
  • Microsoft MPEG-2 Audio Encoder;
  • WMAudio Encoder;
  • WMSpeech Encoder.

file container:

  • MP4 format;
  • ASF format;
  • AVI format.

webcamera properties are extended:

  • Power line frequency;
  • Amount of digital zoom;
  • Upper limit for the amount of digital zoom. 

Capture Manager SDK Full content:

  • CaptureManagerSDKDemo - collection of demo programs (EVRWebCapViewerViaCOMServer - C++, OpenGLWebCamViewer - C++, OpenGLWebCamViewerViaCOMServer - C++, CaptureManagerToCSharpProxy - C#, WPFSourceInfoViewer - C#, WPFWebViewerCall - C#, WPFWebViewerCallback - C#, WPFWebViewerEVR - C#, WPFRecording - C#, ScreenStreamer - C#, WPFWebCamSerialShots - C#, WPFWebCamShot - C#, WPFWindowScreenRecorder - C#, PythonDemo - Python 2.7);
  • CaptureManagerTypeInfo - collection files of COM interfaces;
  • Help - documentation about Capture Manager SDK - CaptureManagerSDK.chm;
  • x64 - collection files of Capture Manager SDK for development on x64 Windows OS;
  • x86 - collection files of Capture Manager SDK for development on x86 Windows OS;

Version History


Released On: April 11, 2019

Add fast SSE2/SSSE3/SSE4.2 copy.


Released On: February 10, 2019

  • Add H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video stream encoder (from 1 Mbit/c to 64 kbit/c);
  • Add H.265/MPEG-4 HEVC video stream encoder (64 kbit/c);
  • Add AAC audio stream encoder (192 kbit/c);
  • Add video stream decoder.


Released On: November 16, 2018

Add supporting of DirectShow Video Renderer.

Add WPFRtspServer demo program.

Add WPFDirectShowPlayer demo program.

Add DShowPlayer demo program.


Released On: November 02, 2018

Fix AVI audio stream record issue.


Released On: September 24, 2018


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Question or Comment

    • Daniel Farray
      Daniel Farray 2 months ago

      I purchased your full sdk. When running the WPFVideoAndAudioRecorder application the video preview does not work. I bought this SDK to build something very similar to that demo app and I need the preview to work.

      Please advise.

    • Evgeny Pereguda
      Evgeny Pereguda 2 months ago

      What configuration of recording do you set?


    • Snippy Valson
      Snippy Valson 1 month ago

      Hi Evgeny,
      We were planning to buy the commercial version of Capture Manager SDK to use in a RTSP application.
      Could you please tell us how to use the Hardware decoder MFT? If you have any examples of hardware accelerated decoding/encoding you could point us to that.

    • Evgeny Pereguda
      Evgeny Pereguda 1 month ago


      What type of application do you plane develop?
      Capture Manager SDK has limited supporting streaming - RTSP C# library IS NOT part of this SDK.

      Capture Manager SDK does not support receiving of the audio stream by RTSP!!

      P.S. There is a problem with this site! Do not pay for this code on this site until I resolve this problem.

    • Snippy Valson
      Snippy Valson 1 month ago

      We need to build a WPF control that is fast enough to decode video. Multiple instances of this control will be instantiated. Each instance of the control will connect to a RTSP H264 Camera. We may use third-party libraries to connect to the RTSP server (as in the WPFRTSPClient ) and decode the RTSP stream samples using Hardware H264 Decoder MFT. We intend to develop a WPF control which will support this feature (and used in the main application). We need to use the GPU and enhance the decode performance to it's maximum as there will be multiple camera streams that need to be decoded.

      Also, the downloaded CHM file seems to be corrupt. Could you please send it or upload it?

    • Evgeny Pereguda
      Evgeny Pereguda 1 month ago

      I see your task, but you should research more about WPF. WPF is framework for UI and it is based on DirectX9Ex - it is slow framework. You can research code of WPFRTSPClient and found that Capture Manager SDK takes pointer on DirectX9 texture and WPF copies content from this texture into the UI context. For one small video there is not problem, but for you task "Multiple instances of this control will be instantiated" the huge amount of CPU power will be spent on copy many DirectX9 textures in many WPF controls on UI context. Copy of DirectX9 texture is SLOW operation.
      Also, DirectX9Ex is software version DirectX9 with CPU emulation.

      Capture Manager SDK supports GPU-Hardware mixing up to 8 different video streams into the one rendering WPF control. But many WPF controls will overload CPU.
      I can recommend write code in native C++ with DirectX11 rendering.

      Also, WPFRTSPClient does not have buffer - as a result, it has some unstable frame rate of the decoded video.