AdminLTE - Free Bootstrap responsive admin template

AdminLTE template is a high customizable and easy to use and it's compatible with many resolution size.

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AdminLTE Description:

AdminLTE is a popular open source webapp template for admin dashboard and control panels. It utilizes all of bootstrap components in it design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications.

AdminLTE is based on bootstrap 3.  All components from bootstrap have been modified and customized the style of AdminLTE and provide a consistent look throughout the template.

Go Through the Overall Pages bundled with the theme Most of the template examples pages contains quick tips on hoe to create or use a components which can be really helpful when you need to creates something new.

Built with LESS This theme uses the LESS compiler to make it easier to customize and use.

Cool Features:

In Layout section carries main components:

  •     Wrapper carries on whole sites.
  •     Main Header contains with logo and navbar.
  •     Sidebar-wrapper contains user panel and sidebar menu.
  •     Content-wrapper contains the page header and content.
  •     Collapsed Sidebar class is used to have a collapsed upon loading,
  •     Boxed layout class carries to get layout that stretches only to 1250px.
  •     Top Navigation class is used to remove sidebar and your links at top navbar.
  •     Direct Chart widgets extends the box components to create beautiful chat interface.

  • Control Sidebar:

  • Control sidebar is used many purposes like its ships with two different show/hide styles. the first allows the sidebar to slide over the content the second pushes the content make spaces for sidebar.

  • Info Box:
  • Info box is used to display statistical snippets.

  • Main Plugins Included:
  • Charts:
  •     Chartjs
  •     Flot
  •     Morris.js
  •     Sparkline
  • Form Elements:
  •     Bootstrap Slider
  •     Ion Slider
  •     Date Picker
  •     Date Range Picker
  •     Color Picker
  •     Time Picker
  •     iCheck
  •     Input Mask
  • Editors:
  •     Bootstrap WYSIHTML5
  •     CK editor
  • Others:
  •     Data tables
  •      Full Calender
  •     Jquery UI
  •     Jquery KNOB
  •     JVector Map
  •     Slim Scroll
  •     Pace



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