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Laravel Dynamic Configuration Using MySQL

14 November 2018, in Web development

Dynamic configuration is used to set the settings variable and values during request life cycle and configurations are stored MySQL database.

How to get ip details without third party API using PHP

02 November 2018, in Web development

PHP script to get visitor country, city, region, latitude and longitude without using any third party API.

Top 10 SEO tips for wordpress websites

09 February 2018, in Web development

Top 10 SEO tips for wordpress websites - methods or strategies used to rank a website & content in search engines to result in more organic traffic.

How to make a professional website

09 March 2018, in Freelancing

Steps to create your own website and launch it

How to use GIT?

29 January 2018, in Resources

We are going to discuss about GIT distributed version control system futures and its needs with basic usage.

Git based Marketplace - more than a need !

29 January 2018, in Business

Marketplace to buy and sell your source code & scripts using your own Git repositories