How to make a professional website

09 March 2018, in Freelancing
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Today any business requires a professional website in this internet era and this goes true for any professional/freelancers to show case their portfolio's. In the blog we will discussing more about steps to create a professional website and hosting it. 

Step 1:  Getting a domain Name

Once we have decided to have a website for business first most important and crucial thing would be start looking for a domain name that would be more relevant and suitable for your business. So what is a domain name ? 

A domain name is nothing but web address example i.e this is address to identify your website in internet. In case you have a global audience for your business all try to prefer domain names with .com or .org or .co or if you are very specific for a country you can choose a domain name specific to that country .us,.in etc..,

The above step is very crucial because domain name would be directly helping you on generating Leeds and also a better search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.

Step 2:  Getting  a Hosting Space

Hosting space is a service to host your web application in a server. There are Hosting space with paid as well as free packages. Usually Free Hosting space comes with a limited package and lot of restrictions.  Paid Hosting space usually comes with subscription with monthly/annually. Based on your requirement suggest you to select the right package. Also we suggest to check the support  & downtime period as this becomes very important to always have your website running continuously.


Step 3:  Choosing the right technology Platform

If you are to  host a good professional website choosing the rights technology is also very important. We are options with creating static word press sites to a website built on latest technologies using java scripts, HTML 5 and CSS. So deciding whether we a need a static pages for the business or we need more customer interactions with dynamic web pages.

Step 4:  Selecting the right website design

Most important part to a website is the look n feel. First impression to your customer/users would be the design of UI/UX(User Interfaces). So selecting the right plugins, templates and design as per the required business is very important. In PackageCart we have free design templates and also paid design with quality code base.

Step 5 : Search optimization 

As most of you know, we get business through our website. In order to get our websites listed in the top during the search in Google search. we need to optimize our website as per the Google search engine. Below are some of the pointers for the website search optimizations.

Keyword Text: Add relevant key work texts to your websites based on the user search criteria in Google search engine.

Meta tags: Search engines read your web pages meta tags to improve the search results for website use right meta data

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