Git based Marketplace - more than a need !

29 January 2018, in Business
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What is Git Bases MarketPlace? A marketplace to buy n sell your software source codes using your Git repositories. Today most of developer’s community has well versed with Git repositories due to fact of convenience to manage the source code with ease. Git  repositories like Gitlab and GitHub's provides free as well as paid repositories to manage your source code on the go. Market place with Git provides an easy option for developers in terms of managing their packages in their own Git and also providing  the required support to their buyers.

Why Git based Marketplace? As a developer we always have this issue of managing a source code and updating using the repository we maintain locally.  Today thanks to GIT repositories we are doing this process with ease. So why not a marketplace using Git to sell your private  sources codes in ease.

Benefits of Git based Marketplace as a seller? 

1. Managing your source codes Managing the source codes have been a real pain point  for any developer as we have to maintain multiple environment from development to production. With Git and easy commands to push n pull we are doing this with ease.  With Git based Marketplace the source updates are easily managed and latest updates are synced easily. With PackageCart all buyers are intimated on the new updates for updated their source code Git repository. 

2. Version Management  Again this issue is managing the versions of the source where your customers also get instant update to their repositories. This is with ease can be achieved in PackageCart through the GIT which most of the developer’s community manages it today.

Benefits of Git based Marketplace as buyers?

1. Managing your source codes  After purchasing source code, buyers needs to support and also there could be updates/new features for the purchased source code. With Git based marketplace it would be easy for buyers to sync their repositories whenever there is new release. With PackageCart buyers get noticed of new release and step by step process to update their repository.

2. Quality source code  Quality source codes where all always concern with buyer as are after purchase they may not be a support available. With PackageCart we provide support as well as options to manage the changes/issues.

PackageCart is the first online marketplace to buy and sell source code packages using GIT repositories. We would happy to hear to experience and feedback with PackageCart for improving this platform.

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