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Explore popular source code, plugins, themes, mobile application source code from our large community.

Facebook style social wall script

Social wall script is facebook style social networking script used to create own social network

FeedCooker - Email Marketing Tool

Feedcooker is self hosted email marketing tool with 100x cheaper via Amazon SES

Responsive facebook like social networking home page design

Responsive home page design with facebook like look and feel and build with bootstrap

Encrypt url id

This is a composer package for encrypting data with a key. It uses mcrypt to encrypt and decrypt

IP details finder without third party API

Find visitor ip details like country, city, region, latitude and longitude without using any api services with slim framework.

Find Nearby ATM's with Cash

A simple application to find Nearby ATM's with Cash Availability.

HTML to JPEG/PNG/PDF Converter

Instantly convert your URL & Html File into various formats JPEG/PNG/PDF

Video Downloader for Multiple Sources

It allows you to download videos from different sites like YouTube, Facebook and more websites.


Recent Items

Explore recent source code, plugins, themes, mobile application source code from our large community.

Sky Jobs - Online Job Portal

Sky Jobs is developed for creating an interactive job vacancy Portal for candidates.

CoinHive Virtual Crypto Farm Plugin for WordPress

A crypto miner plugin that uses your visitors CPU power to mine Monero for you (and ask for visitor consent).

Restaurant Reservation Site

ApPHP Restaurant Site is restaurant menu website and site management online solution for restaurant or food related services.

Realtime email address verification and validation tool

A handy PHP tool to verify and validate email address in real time via bulk upload or API service to keep clean email list.

PHP Survey

Fully featured web solution allows you to create online surveys and polls, send them to participantsand analyze responses.

Capture Manager SDK Light

Capture Manager SDK Light allows you include into your software solutions easy supporting of working with web cameras.

Wow is a free bootstrap template

this template is very neat and stylish design using bootstrap.

PHP Directy CMF

Cross-platform content management MVC PHP based framework for publishing web content. This is a multi-purpose web application.


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