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Explore popular source code, plugins, themes, mobile application source code from our large community.

Facebook style social wall script

Social wall script is facebook style social networking script used to create own social network

FeedCooker - Email Marketing Tool

Feedcooker is self hosted email marketing tool with 100x cheaper via Amazon SES

Responsive facebook like social networking home page design

Responsive home page design with facebook like look and feel and build with bootstrap

Encrypt url id

This is a composer package for encrypting data with a key. It uses mcrypt to encrypt and decrypt

IP details finder without third party API

Find visitor ip details like country, city, region, latitude and longitude without using any api services with slim framework.

Find Nearby ATM's with Cash

A simple application to find Nearby ATM's with Cash Availability.

HTML to JPEG/PNG/PDF Converter

Instantly convert your URL & Html File into various formats JPEG/PNG/PDF

Video Downloader for Multiple Sources

It allows you to download videos from different sites like YouTube, Facebook and more websites.


Recent Items

Explore recent source code, plugins, themes, mobile application source code from our large community.

Theme Portal Marketplace - Sell Digital Products -Multi Vendor

CodeIgniter script to create your own digital goods marketplace with instant download

CCTV Camera using Android Camera

For this you need old smartphone, WiFi connection for recording and charger, so recording will not stop during recording.

QR Code scanner

A QR code is a specific matrix barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones.


Network Utility For Administrators

MarketHub For Buyer and Seller

This platform serves as intermediary between buyers and sellers. It connects both of them together.

Task Management - Asp.Net MVC Framework Source Code

This application is a base solution for your next web application not only Task Management but also other applications.

Calc - simple calculator with metric converter

A simple a calculator with metric converter

myPoS - PHP Point Of Sale Application

myPoS an easy to use point of sale application and yet give you full control and manage of your business




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Laravel Dynamic Configuration Using MySQL

Dynamic configuration is used to set the settings variable and values during request life cycle and configurations are stored MySQL database.

1 month ago
How to get ip details without third party API using PHP

PHP script to get visitor country, city, region, latitude and longitude without using any third party API.

1 month ago
Top 10 SEO tips for wordpress websites

Top 10 SEO tips for wordpress websites - methods or strategies used to rank a website & content in search engines to result in more organic traffic.

10 months ago

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